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Which Weight Loss Boot Camp Program Is Right For Me?

Get Moving!

Do you have between 5-15lbs to lose?  Do you want to start feeling better about yourself?  Do you need an extra boost but prefer short term commitments?  Try the 15 Week Plan — GET MOVING!

Slim & Strong!

Do you have between 8-30lbs to lose?  Do you want to see a significant change in your body shape and size?  Do you want to feel really confident in your clothes?  Get the 30 Week Program — SLIM & STRONG!

Total Makeover!

Do you have between 12-50lbs to lose?  Do you want to love your body and look sculpted, lean and toned?  Do you want to be your ideal weight — then maintain it?  If so, the 45 Week Program — TOTAL MAKEOVER is for you!


“Ever since I joined boot camp I have seen many changes! I am able to get up and I start my day very early.  I get so much more done everyday and feel so much more energized! Not only did I do boot camp, I also did personal training with Drew.  The biggest change has been my body! I have lost 7 pounds, 5.5 inches off my waist and 3.4 percent body fat in just three months! I feel so much better about myself and am getting back into those old jeans of mine that have been hanging in the closet forever!!! When I first signed up I initially thought it would be only for the six month program, but now I can’t picture ever stopping! Thanks for pushing me through this!!!!”
– Eleni

Inspiration Boot Camp can do the same for you.  Find Out How To Get In Shape Now!

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