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Welcome to the most comprehensive personal fitness training program in New Haven, Hamden, and Woodbridge, CT!

Active Wellness Boutique Fitness™ offers a mindful exercise program intended to inspire your mind, body and spirit!

In just 35 Days you can…

be motivated and encouraged by our certified personal trainers and coaches

experience an increase in your strength & endurance

complete 12/ 55-minute workouts

discover you have more energy

lose 1%-3% body fat

drop 2-8 lbs of body fat & 1-2 dress sizes

decrease your waist size by 1 to 3 inches

see a 100% gain in self-confidence

Lose 2 - 8 lbs the first month with Active Wellness Inspiration Bootcamp


Everything You Need To Reach Your Fitness Potential

Active Wellness Personal Training is safe, effective and challenging.  Each session may include cardio, strength training, and stretching.  Our program fuses modalities like:   kickboxing, running, endurance, restorative yoga, speed and agility drills, athletic drills, balance training, circuit training, core conditioning, Pilates, core training, obstacle courses, weight lifting, coordination, toning and sculpting to keep your workouts challenging, interesting and fun!  We also provide tips for weight-loss, weight control, and weight maintenance.

When you try Active Wellness Fitness Programs, you will start to feel better about yourself while becoming leaner, toned, and fit!

I started personal training at Active Wellness when I was about 3 months pregnant with my second child and continued to work with her all the way through my pregnancy. It really helped me to feel great the whole time. I had more energy, gained much less weight and had a faster, easier recovery after my daughter was born.

About 4 months after my daughter was born I started boot camp.  It was a really great experience for me.  I met a lot of great people, got a great workout and had a blast doing it.  Christina and Drew are fun, energetic, knowledgeable, and super encouraging.  It was something I really really looked forward to every week.  I have been doing boot camp for about 6 months now.  I have lost about 20 lbs, 6 percent body fat, 5 inches off my waist, and 9 months after having my second child, am in the best shape I have ever been in, in my life. I feel stronger then ever and truly have a new love for fitness and exercise.  It has inspired me work toward competing in a figure competition next year, which is something I could have never seen myself doing until now.   Working with Active Wellness has been wonderful. Thank you.  – Adrienne

Your program includes:

Initial Comprehensive Personal Training Fitness Assessment & Coaching Session ($100 Value)

12 /55- minute “done for you”  Workouts

E-mail Support & Coaching

Before & After Measurements & Pictures

Fun Music & Positive Reinforcement

Individualized Attention

Learn Healthy Eating for Weight Loss!  Stop living to eat and start eating to live!

As part of our integrated approach to your fitness and well-being, you will learn how to boost you metabolism and eat more while still losing weight.  We’ll teach you how to shop for whole foods and nutritious snacks that are within your calorie range.  This education helps you establish good eating habits for a lifetime of health and weight maintenance You will save time, money and calories.


I have had the good fortune to participate in three aspects of Active Wellness: weight loss boot camp, personal training, and wellness coaching. All three amyhave been an amazing experience, thanks to the knowledge, encouragement and commitment of Christina and Drew. I have lost more than twenty pounds and maintained the weight loss for almost three years. My exercise program is FUN, varied and always challenging. It is tailored to my personal, individualized goals. Through the wellness coaching I have greatly improved my work-life balance, finding ways to manage stress and set priorities. Christina and Drew are extraordinary people: positive, supportive and passionate about what they do. I’m so fortunate to have Active Wellness! –Amy

Fitness Plans That Fit You

To get started, join our virtual club membership.  Then, Active Wellness has three start-up options for anyone who is 100% ready to get off the Yo-Yo Diet & Exercise Treadmill and back onto the Road to a Healthy Lifestyle!  Once you get a taste for success we are convinced you won’t want to quit!

The Club Membership includes:

+ Free 15-minute phone consultation

+ Virtual Seminars on the Five Steps to Feeling Fit.

+ Quick Workout Videos

+ Virtual Cooking Demos

+ Feel Fit In 5 Program

+ Discounts on select retail items

5 Week Start-Up

Better than a double shot of espresso, this morning fitness training program will easily burn 2 – 8 lbs of fat in 5 weeks.  Get your day started on the right foot.

5 Week Start-Up

How about an after work de-stresser and a weekend pick me up?

Ever since I joined boot camp I have seen many changes! I am able to get up for one thing and I start my day very early. I get so much more done everyday and feel so much more energized! Not only did I do boot camp, I also did personal training with Drew.  The biggest change has been my body! In three months, I have lost 7 pounds, 5.5 inches of my waist and 3.4 percent off my body fat in just three months! I feel so much better about myself and am getting back into those old jeans of mine that have been hanging in the closet forever!!! When I first signed up I initially thought it would be only for the six month program, but now I can’t picture ever stopping! Thanks for pushing me through this!!!!  – Eleni

We are so convinced that if you do Active Wellness Personal Training as directed below you will be so happy with the results that you get that you won’t even think of stopping!  No RISK Guarantee!


Get Results or the first month's Inspiration Bootcamp is on us!

To qualify for the no risk guarantee, you must attend all of your personal fitness training sessions and be on time, have a fitness assessment on or before your first session, follow caloric recommendations, provide a 35-day food journal, complete 180 additional minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week (wearing a heart rate monitor and pedometer/ tracker),  record your sleep habits and maintain at least 7.5 hours hours per night, attend your coaching session, final assessment and goal review before the 5 weeks are over.  If, at that point, you do not reach your goals — we will train you for FREE until you do!  We are committed to your results!

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