Feel Fit in 5 — Part of your Virtual Club Membership!

Lost Motivation to Exercise?


Can’t Find Time to Workout?


Need Workouts on the go?


Now learn and practice exercise basics in the privacy of your own home!


Feel Fit in 5 is a perfect way to jump-start your fitness routine and feel more fit in 5 days.

Designed and developed by the master trainers at Active Wellness, this quick-start program will re-inspire you to do cardio, become stronger and manage stress in five days.

What comes with Feel Fit in 5?

Includes portable video modules:

  • Body Weight Exercise videos
  • Resistance Band Routine video
  • Yoga Flow video
  • 26 Minute cardio audio
  • 5 Minute relaxation meditation
Also comes with support articles on Cardio, Resistance Training, Flexibility, Goal Setting, Nutrition, Stress Management (Fun, Relaxation)  & Sleep

Your Mission for the Next Five Days.

Day 1 – Do the cardio program

Day 2 – Do all the workout video modules

Day 3 – Do the cardio program

Day 4 – Do all the workout video modules

Day 5 – Do the cardio program

Don’t forget to get a good amount of sleep, eat clean fresh foods, and in 5 days you’ll feel more fit!

You can use this training module anywhere via smartphones, tablets or home computers.  You can even hook your tablet up to your tv and enjoy Feel Fit in 5 in HD.

Questions?  Contact us for help!

How To Use Feel Fit In 5

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