Feel Fit In 5 Instructions

Congratulations! You are on your way to feeling fit!

1. To begin, login to your Active Wellness MindBody Account and enter your MindBody password.

2. Feel Fit in 5 is a 5 Day Quick Start Home Study program designed to get you moving.

3. Please check with your doctor before you begin and stop any exercise that causes discomfort.

4. Once you are logged into your account, go to the Club Membership  Tab on the tool bar above. Then click on the “Feel Fit In 5” link and enter the password in (parenthesis) next to PASSWORD FOR ALL LINKS.

5. Next click on the “Feel Fit In 5 Article and tips” above the video to the right.

5. From there you will begin the article on Cardio Respiratiory Fitness and learn what your target HR needs to be.

6. Next, read the blog on Goal Setting and set 5 goals that almost seem to easy to achieve this week.

7. Set your goals and feel free to e-mail them to us. Consider us your accountability team this week.

8. After you set your goals, finish the rest of the articles. Then Start the Feel Fit In 5 program by beginning Cardio Blast! (located in the upper right)

Feel More Fit In 5 Days.

Day 1-3-5 Practice the Cardio Blast Walking Program, Stretching Module and the Guided Meditation.

Day 2-4 — Practice the Mindful Resistance Training Modules — Core, Upper Body Tubing, Upper Body Body Weight, Lower body, Foam Roller Tutorial and the Yoga Flow by Active Wellness LLC.

These training modules will show you how to master basic functional movements.

  • Start with 2 sets of 15 Reps and work up to 4 sets for the Core, Upper Body Resistance Training — Tubing and Body-weight, and Lower Body Resistance Training Modules.
  • Practice present moment awareness and concentrate on your breath and body while exercising.
  • Warm up with a 10 Minute Appreciation Walk. — Notice your surroundings and all you have to be grateful for in your environment. — Stay present in your body.
  • Be mindful throughout your session on keeping your abs engaged to protect your lower back. Keep you neck, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles aligned. In all of these exercises, maintain a neutral neck position, avoid jutting the neck and arching the low back. Remember to breathe.
  • Consult with a fitness professional if you have any additional questions on how to perform the exercises.


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